The Affordable Care Act Marketplace

Depending on your household size (including yourself, your spouse, children, etc.) and household modified adjusted gross income, you may be eligible for reduced premiums for insurance purchased on the new exchange marketplace.


The calculator will give you a better idea if you are subsidy eligible, how much the subsidy might be, and an estimation of the cost of a silver plan in your zip code.


If you are Subsidy Eligible

Click on the button below to go to the On Exchange Health Plans. If anyone from INCOMPAS has helped you, please use the information in the box during the application process.

If you are Not Eligible

Pick your agent to get your quote now.


During the application process on, when you get to the question, “has anyone helped you?” The answer you should use is: AGENT / BROKER.

  • If Clifton Eserman, use NPN #: 834440
  • If Keith Byrd, use NPN #: 595156