Affordable Care Act

When Does COBRA Become “a Deal”​ As Compared to An ACA-Based Health Insurance Policy?

I get calls everyday stating that someone has left an employer and has this question, "Cliff, is COBRA the good coverage and should I enroll and pay for it ‘cause COBRA is expensive. HELP!" So, let's start at the very beginning. What is COBRA? Many people don't even have an idea what COBRA is, what are the premiums based on, and should they enroll in COBRA anymore?

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Why Small Business Owners SHOULD Cash In on the Affordable Care Act

As a Florida small- / mid-sized group health and individual insurance broker in Florida since 1999, I've listened to small business owners complain that the government never helps true small business owners with under 50 employees. So why are small business owners missing the opportunity that the ACA uniquely brings to them on a silver platter?

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