Instant Term Life Insurance

Instant term life insurance is designed to provide an easy way to protect your loved ones in the event of an untimely passing. Proceeds from these types of policies help assure that your debts will not be passed on to loved ones and, depending on the coverage, your family may continue to derive benefit from at least part of your income. These policies are purchased online and do not require a medical exam to qualify. In the application process you will be asked to provide information about your general health and lifestyle: height and weight, smoking habits, and any existing health conditions such as cholesterol and blood pressure levels. While the application process is simpler than other types of life insurance, coverage amounts are generally smaller and monthly premiums may be more expensive, depending on how much coverage you need and how long of a term you want to cover.

Instant Term Life

Incompas Financial works with over 24 different term life insurance companies all working to earn your business!  Most of our carriers will do everything electronically from quoting, application, signatures, and delivery!