International Short-term Health Insurance

International health insurance for short-term leisure, study, missions, marine and business travel.

If you travel abroad, whether regularly or on occasion, for school, work or vacation, the last thing many people consider is what they will do, where will they go, and (if they do not possess the appropriate language skills) how they will communicate with their care providers should they get sick or injured while out of the country. There are a number of individual, student, family and group options for international policies to meet your timeframe overseas and benefit amount choices. There is even affordable insurance options for political or emergency medical evacuation, terrorism, medical expenses, and more.

Whether you need individual coverage for a vacation, extended coverage for a long-term stay abroad, or group coverage for employees in locations around the world, we’ve got the right plan for you.

International Short-term Health Insurance
This exceptional service provides peace of mind for your travels along with:

  • 24/7/365 service for emergencies anywhere in the world
  • Access to a global network of highly qualified providers
  • Responsive medical management in the event of medical emergencies anywhere in the world
  • International, multilingual customer service centers
  • Access to useful, informative online tools that provide the information you need and save you time when you may need it most