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Clifton Eserman, PHIAS® HIA®; President

Pompano Beach, FL
P: 954.946.7277
F: 954.633.4900

Cliff’s expertise in health and financial insurances allows him to uniquely evaluate and resolve the issues that pertain to the goals of the individual or small business owner.

With a 4-year degree in Finance from University of Louisiana – Monroe, Cliff has been licensed in Florida since 1999. He has a proven ability to turn most seemingly adverse situations into a “win-win” for multiple players in most scenarios. He is currently licensed in Florida, Louisiana and Arkansas, and he has a National Producer number allowing him to operate in any state in the union.

ACA Off Exchange Health Insurance Plans
Health Insurance is the best means of obtaining access to no or low-cost wellness and preventive health services while limiting your financial
risk should you or someone in your family whose seriously ill or injured. Learn More
Instant Term Life Insurance
Instant term life insurance is a great way for people to shop online, purchase and obtain approval for life insurance coverage, in the same day
and without a medical exam. Learn More
International Medical Evacuation & Health Insurance
Whether travelling outside your home country for school, work, or vacation, International Medical Evacuation & Health Insurance helps to make sure you can get medical care and/or get home when needed. Learn More
'Fee for Service' Dental Plans
An affordable alternative to traditional dental insurance, these plans offer pre-negotiated discounts on most dental procedures for a low monthly
/annual premium and in-office co-pays. Learn More
PPO Dental Insurance
Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Dental Insurance is designed to pay the dental practices that have agreed to be part of a plan's network
of providers, all or part of the pre-negotiated maximum allowable fee for dental treatments. Learn More
Short Term Catastrophic Insurance
Short Term Catastrophic Health Insurance is a temporary health plan for individuals seeking affordable protection against significant unexpected
illness or injury resulting in excessive medical bills when between jobs, employee benefits, or other transitional events. Learn More
ACA On Exchange Health Insurance Plans
The ACA Exchange marketplace is intended to help uninsured people get health insurance coverage that are eligible for the Federal subsidies due to their income. The marketplace has specific enrollment periods. If you do not want to purchase coverage through the marketplace, you won't be eligible for premium tax credits or lower out-of-pocket costs based on your income. Learn More
Medicare is a U.S. Government health program designed to help its citizens over the age of 65 or people who are permanent legal residents for at least five years. You may also qualify for Medicare if you are disabled and collecting Social Security for a minimum of two years, undergoing treatment for kidney failure or in need of a kidney transplant, or have been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). Learn More
Vision Insurance
While health insurance will help protect you from financial loss due to unexpected eye injury (and some disease), vision insurance is considered to be more of a "wellness benefit". But, eye care benefits aren’t just for vision correction. In fact, an eye exam can detect conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, years before symptoms emerge—which could equal major healthcare savings. Vision Insurance can help reduce expenses for routine eye exams plus things like glasses, contacts, and even refractive, cataract or retinal surgeries (with some plans). Some plans also have contracted fixed prices for added benefits like anti-reflective and glare coatings. To see which vision plan is best for your needs, compare the benefits and costs using the links provided or contact your agent. Learn More
Term Life For Persons Living With HIV
Persons living with HIV may now be able to buy 10- or 15-year individual term life insurance policies to help protect families, loved ones and business interests. Learn More